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Dover Football League

Dover/Barrington/Nottingham, New Hampshire 

Welcome to our pages.

We are a not-for-profit youth tackle football organization which provides a structured environment to encourage and develop local youth through athletic competition. Participants are provided opportunity to become stronger more self reliant members of their community while learning the fundamentals of football and teamwork. DFL unequivocally welcomes boys and girls from all walks of life to come together and compete. Players must meet age requirements and be from the surrounding community: either a student within SAU 11 or in close proximity whereby the local ischool district does not have a program for that athlete to participate in. Not sure if your child meets any of the requirements? Explore the site and if you still have questions feel free to drop us a line on the FEEDBACK tab on the left hand menu bar.


End of Season Drop

November 16, 2021

Thank you everyone for a great season. It is sad to see it come to an end but also inspiring to have witnessed the growth and accomplishments by these kids. We will meet here to do it all over again really soon. Please remember to bring some friends along next year to help grow the program, strength in numbers and all.

You may have seen by now that some of our competition out there manage to bring large numbers. If you have friends that live in the surrounding community please let them know that while our team is Dover based we accept boys and girls from Barrington and Nottingham as well . If you are a parent that joins us from surrounding towns feel free to reach out and become a liason for the surrounding communities. It is always tough to hear midway through a season that more kids would have played if they only knew it was an option. Word of mouth in your social circles is extremely helpful. 

Equipment Return

I have my confirmed with our awesome coaching staff that they are willing and able to assist with equipment return this coming


 November 21st

12:30 thru 3:30PM

Beckwith Field 

at the end of Hillside Drive, same location as equipment pick up.

Please ensure all equipment is clean. Football is a rough and tumble endeavour, grass and mud stains will sometimes not come out. If it has been thrrough the wash and no longer smells like 22 sweaty kids piled on top of it, then it is as right as rain.Please don't kill yourselves trying to make the gear as pristine as the day it was created. As long as it is clean and dry we are happy to accept it.

We also understand football is a contact sport and there is normal wear and tear on equipment. We fully expect some pants/jerseys to have rips/tears. We also understand that a buckle or strap may be missing here and there. What we do ask is that you point out the gear that needs servicing so we can set it aside for upkeep or replacement. This will allow us time to prepare for the next season and avoid handind out errant equipment next season. Just to be clear there is no charge for the previous items, it is expected wear and tear.

We WILL NOT be accepting gear at the banquet.

End of Season Banquet

You should have received the email by now from Brian Pettee, Youth Coach and Divisional Director. We will be hosting our end of season banquet as follows:


2:00 PM December 5th   

Dover Elks @ 282 Durham Road

Food and refreshments will be served and a cash bar will be available.  Players and their immediate family from the Senior, Junior and Youth divisions are welcome to attend. 


Please direct any banquet related questions to  .

Winter Football

There has been a lot of requests surrounding the possibility of winter football. Although I am not well versed in the history or past operation I have picked up a few tidbits of information here and there. 

The Past

(What follows is mostly second hand information, it is what I have gleaned from multiple conversations around the league.)

Winter football effectively took a large blow due to a couple of factors. One main thing that hurt the league is one of the most destructive forces towards youth sports today; parents. Apparently there was more than one occasion whereby the police had to be called to the Epping arena to arrest/detain some bad actors. It's my understanding that this behavior was prevelant in the decision for those running it to decide to move on coupled with the idea thatthey had willing participants to take over and continue the league. The second piece of the rumor mill is that the individuals that were going to take over subsequently changed their minds.  

The Present

As it stands one of the Exeter coaches (Coach Sturtevant) is in the works to make a go of winter football again. I just received a letter forwarded from the league. At this point the league expenses are historical and subject to change. Each team would need to provide it's own insurance, we can alter our current coverage but the cost is unknown at this point. There is currently limited interest expressed for a youth division across the league, this was relayed to our youth division by the director. The expectation at this point is to run a Junior division league (5th/6th grade). I will update the page as things develop. To make a go of this would require additional people to bring to fruition.Feel free to drop an email to us ( ) if you are interested in both participating and volunteering.


Please head over to the following tab/link Winter Football Info for more information. 


Thank You!!



by posted 11/16/2021
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