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We are a not-for-profit youth tackle football organization which provides a structured environment to encourage and develop local youth through athletic competition. Participants are provided opportunity to become stronger more self reliant members of their community while learning the fundamentals of football and teamwork. DFL unequivocally welcomes boys and girls from all walks of life to come together and compete. Players must meet age requirements and be from the surrounding community: either a student within SAU 11 or in close proximity whereby the local ischool district does not have a program for that athlete to participate in. Not sure if your child meets any of the requirements? Explore the site and if you still have questions feel free to drop us a line on the FEEDBACK tab on the left hand menu bar.


L&G Week 3




We are now headed down into week 3 and it looks like these teams are starting to pull together even more now that they are battle hardened. The Youth White team still continues to shine while they represent us in the RYFL in house competitions. This Tuesday night they face off against the Maroon B side. Keep bringing it boys!!


Things are starting to settle in and around the league so I hopefully will have time to continue my tradition of bringing you a news update each week. For those of you new this season I try to drop an update each week to point out games, fundraising events, volunteer requests, and any general news coming down the pike. It will always broadcast as an email but if you lose the email or discard it you can always jump back on to the homepage and it will be here for you.












OCTOBER 9TH - Picture day is scheduled for Sunday, October 9th at 8am at Dunaway field (DHS). We are pushing to have everyone arrive at the same time. If you have been through this you know by now that our photographer is very quick. If we can have everyone by the field on time we would like to get not just the players but the families all together in the stands to snag one big DFL community photo. We have a small plan for this photo opportunity. I am still awaiting town confirmation to use the field; worst case we have to push the hours around in the event a school event is scheduled before us.


OCTOBER 14TH - DHS Youth Night is scheduled for Friday Night, October 14th. We will continue the tradition of being honored at a DHS Varsity home game whereby all DFL kids in jerseys will gain free access that night and we will assemble to run the field under introduction to the crowd at halftime. More information to follow as it becomes available.

(**note - This is the only night where players in Jerseys get free access to games,

we wish it were otherwise but don’t have much say in the matter.**)



Rumor Mill Material here…

Now that the schedule has been mostly confirmed for the season it is time to throw a wrench in the works…in a good way. We got the young’uns together last year under the lights for a sweet head to head matchup last season and it was a grand thing. Even the officials knew it was fun when they withheld the flag for a sweet endzone celebratory dance post touchdown. Normally frowned upon. 

We currently have a request with the town to switch up a couple of game times scheduled for October 29th to potentially run a 5pm series beginning with Dover Youth Green taking on Tri-Town followed by the Junior Division Varsity and Junior Varsity all under the lights at DHS Dunaway Field. Keep in mind to pull off an event like this it will take people stepping up to volunteer for the venue. There are a few more tasks to undertake and being short on help is not an option if we pursue this.





There is still time to participate. If you are engaged please ensure to meet the minimum of 20 emails entered in order to maximize our effort. If we achieve a total of 80% participation we get the maximum amount of proceeds from the fundraising event. The fundraising event ends on October 10th. There is still plenty of time to support. If you still do not wish to participate you still may buy out of the event and turn a check in at the fundraising event closing date. We neglected to grab deposit checks at equipment pick up due to the overwhelming numbers and limited time. We decided to let the fundraiser run its course and collect from only those not participating in lieu of holding on to yet another deposit check. 



AMOUNT RAISED AS OF 9/19/2022 11:59PM


Just a heads up, we are in the process of examining opening a SWAG store with Snap Raise. If this looks legitimate it would most likely be an on demand type store which creates the product and then ship’s out immediately and direct to you. We will update when we know more. It will go hand in hand with fundraising but may be a continuing option for the future.






Please be a part of this community and help us to help your players get the most out of each weekend. Volunteering for duties on game days is not a buy out option. The support is necessary to provide the maximum experience. Frankly with the lack of support it may come down to changing policy to a more aggressive approach which I have tried to avoid for the past few seasons. 


I would like to point out that there are 4 home games (or less) in a season and approximately 30 families in each division.  Year after year, I see the same families that not only volunteer to perform a league-wide function but are also the first ones to sign up for individual game tasks. They are nearly always the family that reaches out at the zero hour when we are desperately trying to get people to fill roles just hours before game time. I am humbled at their generosity to give so much more of their time after shouldering a lion's share of the work already. 


Each team has created a signup genius for volunteers. These are mainly for the home games but we need to fill those roles to ensure a successful and rewarding game day. The concession stands need people just as much as the field needs chains and down marker help. 





by posted 09/20/2022
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L&G Week 3