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Youth Level Rules and Regulations


PO Box 16181, Hooksett NH 03106



As Amended: 03/15/2022

Rules shall follow the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rule book, except as noted herein: 

A: Teams 

1. Teams consist of a minimum 12 registered players. 


B: Team Responsibilities: 

1) Provide a roster using the template roster provided by the League for all teams to use. 

2) Official team rosters are to include the following player information: 

a) Player’s first and last name 

b) Game jersey number(s): Must be position appropriate: see NHFS rules 

c) Player’s birth date 

d) Town of residence 

e) Player’s weight and weight classification 

3) Roster Changes 

a) Any team requesting a revision to its roster after they submitted their official league roster i.e.: add a player, change in game jersey number, etc., must contact the Vice Chairman and/or his designee by 8pm the WEDNESDAY NIGHT, prior to the upcoming game. If adding a new player after the official league weigh-in, that player is automatically ineligible to play in a ball carrier position. See section F.3. 

b) Roster changes are to be sent to the other league teams by the Vice Chairman and/or his designee, as soon as possible. 


C: Rules of Play Rules shall follow the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rule book, except as noted herein: 

1) Game will be played on regulation sized football field in accordance with NFHS rules 

2) Two (2) Coaches per team are allowed on the field during play. 

a) Once the offense breaks huddle, coaches on the field must stay a minimum of 10 yards (behind the team) from the line of scrimmage. 

b) Once the quarterback starts his cadence, ALL coaches will refrain from      “coaching” i.e.: no talking to players and/or physically moving players. 

c) There is no free kicking or punting. 

d) Kick offs: Receiving team will begin play from their 35-yard line.

e) Punts: The Offense must declare prior to start of play whether they are going to punt or continue playing. If the offense declares they are punting, the ball will be placed 25 yards downfield from the line of scrimmage and play shall resume. Except if placement puts the ball inside the 20-yard line, then the ball will be placed at the receiving team’s 20- yard line. 

3) Length of Quarters: (15) minute “running” time. Injuries, scores, penalties, change of possession and timeouts are the only means to stop the clock. Once ball is set for play, clock will start 

4) The last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters will be regulation stop time. Officials will notify both teams. 

5) Timeouts will not exceed one minute 6) Half time breaks will be five (5) minutes. 

7) Overtime will not be played. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the game will end in a tie. 

8) Game Balls: Youth teams will use Wilson K2 and/or the equivalent of another manufacturer and will supply their own game balls.


D. Blocking Restrictions 

1) All blocks must initiate from above waist/belt line, this includes within the Free Blocking Zone as defined by NFHS. Lineman cannot chop, cut, and/or crab block. This rule applies to both offensive and defensive lineman 

2) All other rules and regulations regarding blocking, tackling, etc. will follow NFHS (Federation) Rules. 


E. Player Regulations 

1) Age and Grade Restrictions 

a) All players must be within the age of 7, 8 and 9 and within grades 2, 3, and 4.

b) A player must be a minimum of 7 years old prior to the first regular season game and entering a grade as indicated above.

c) A player must not have reached their eleventh (11) birthday before September 1st. 

d) All teams must be able to provide birth certificates for their players, upon request by the league.


F: Weight Restrictions/Official Weigh In: 

1) All potential ball carriers will be weighed in by the Vice Chairman and/or his designee and/or appointed designee at the Official Weigh-in. The Official Weigh-in will take place at the annual Junior Jamboree. It is mandatory that all teams attend. 

2) At the Official Weigh-in: 

a. Teams are to bring 2 copies of their roster with them, 1 to go to the Jr Level Coordinator and/or his designee and/or appointed designee, 1 to remain with the head coach to record weights. 

b. Teams will arrive a minimum 30 minutes prior to weigh in time. 

c. Head coach and 1 (one) assistant coach are allowed to be present at weigh in. 

d. Head coaches can observe weigh-in and record weight for their own information 

e. The assistant coach is responsible for lining players up in numerical order and controlling the team. 

f. Parents/guardians/others are not allowed within the designated weigh in area. 

2. All potential ball carriers must be weighed in prior to or during the Official Weigh-in or they will not be eligible to be a ball carrier in the upcoming season. Potential ball carries get 1 (one) chance to weigh in. Once they are officially weighed in, they cannot get reweighed if they don’t make weight. 

3. Maximum weight of any ball carrier shall not exceed 95 pounds, with a .5-pound variance at the Official Weigh-in, at which time the player is officially added to the team roster. 

a. Ball Carrier Positions: Running Back (Tail, Full, Flanker/H Back), Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Tight End*.

b. *Exception: Tight Ends can be over 95lbs, are eligible for passes, but must line up within free blocking zone as defined by NFHS rules and cannot split out. Teams must also designate on their official team roster any TE that exceeds 95 pounds and must be number appropriate as defined by NFHS. Any player over 95 pounds, excluding tight ends, when they are added to the roster at the Official Weigh-in is considered over the weight limit for a ball carrier and cannot be re-weighed at a later date to become a ball carrier. 

5. Additional Weigh In: For those players who miss and/or are unable to attend the Preseason Jr. Jamboree, an additional “Official” weight in will take place on the Monday after the Preseason Jr Jamboree, time and location to be determined by the Jr Level Coordinator and/or his designee. Teams to be notified by the Thursday prior to Preseason Jr Jamboree of time and place of the additional “Official” weigh in. 

6. A team may also request a weigh-in(s). by contacting the Vice Chairman and/or their designee. If the request is for a new player to be added after the official league weigh in, see section B.3. 

7. No challenges can be made once the Official Weigh-in has been recorded and the player is added to the Official Team Roster. 


G. Offense/Defense: 

1) Each team will run its own offense 

a) There are no QB “sneaks” between the offensive tackles. QB sweeps, keepers and/or bootlegs are legal providing the play is to the outside of the offensive tackles 

2) Defenses will be static and non-blitzing. 

a) The use of a nose guard/tackle over the center is not allowed. 

b) Defensive guards must be lined up directly over the offensive guards, and not in the gaps on either side of the center. 

c) Line Backers must be a minimum 2yds off the defensive line. Inside Backers must line up over defensive guards. They cannot line up in the gaps to either side of the center. 

d) Defensive Backs must be a minimum of 5yds off the line of scrimmage 

3) Once ball is snapped, defensive players can then pursue to the ball. 


H: Officials:

1) Officials will consist of at least three (3) board certified official scheduled by the Northeast Jr. High. Football League. 

2) Plays will run every 45 (forty-five) seconds once the official has placed the ball in play. 


I: Mercy Rule: 

1) Once a team has built a lead equal to or greater than 20 points NFHS Mercy Rule will apply. Also, on change of possession the losing team will take possession on their 40-yard line. The winning team will take possession on their 20-yard line, regardless of where or how the change of possession occurred, unless the change is inside their 20-yard line, in which case the change will occur as normal.

J: Playoffs/Championship Games: See League By-Laws