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Upon Visiting Team Arrival All Levels

  1. The traveling team should be greeted when they arrive by a representative of the home team who will show the visiting team/head coach the following:

A. Where the restrooms/Porta-Johns are located.

B. Where to park/not to park

C. Where to get water if needed

D. Where the team can go if there is any bad weather

E. Where the Flag pole is located

F. Where team can warm up

G. What part of press box they can use to film and/or use for coaches with headsets


Prior to Start of Varsity/JV Games

  1. Heads coaches will meet at midfield to exchange game day roster prior to the start of the first game. Visiting team to bring 2 rosters, one for the home team head coach and one for PA announcer.

A. Game day rosters shall consist of list of players with jersey numbers and their designation i.e.: Varsity, Var/JV, JV. 

B.Teams shall designate no fewer than 18 players as “Varsity” players. These players may not play in JV games. An exception will be made for any team with fewer than 36 total players (Varsity plus JV); such team may designate a smaller number of Varsity players to be determined by subtracting 18 from the total number of available players. (For example, if a team has 30 players for both Varsity and JV, it may designate only 12 players as Varsity: (30 – 18 = 12). A violation of this rule shall result in forfeit of the game by the offending team. 

Prior to Start of First Game All Levels

  1. Home head coach will go over any field conditions that may affect games with visiting head coach and head official.
  2.  Home head coach will either introduce and/or point out medical personal to visiting head coach and head official.
  3. Home team is responsible for providing medical coverage. Games cannot start without medical coverage present. See NFHS rules for further clarification.
  4. Home team must provide equal facilities for visiting team i.e.: shelter from inclement weather, water etc. If unable to, then home team cannot use any facility that the visiting team does not have access to.

 Filming & Coach(s)/Headsets All Levels

  1. If home team has coach(s) with headsets and/or video person in the press box and/or in any other space that gives home team a vantage point to see the field, they must give equal space to the visiting team.
  2. If equal space/vantage point is not available for both team’s coach(s) to use headsets, then headsets can only be used in the back of the end zone by each team.
  3. Out of courtesy, home team should provide a copy of game tape to visiting team if space is not available to them for filming.

Home Team Head Coach All Levels

  1. Is responsible for the actions of the home team’s coaches, players, parents, cheerleaders, fans and anyone else as per Federation Rules.
  2. If a game time/location is moved or canceled must notify visiting team, official coordinator(s) and league chairman(s) in the timeliest manner possible.
  3. All coaches should understand that the JV game and the rules that apply to it needs to be taken seriously and the rules are there for a reason.

At End of Varsity & Jr A Games

  1. All players designated as a Varsity or a Jr A player, once dismissed by head coach, must remove helmet and shoulder pads, but can wear jersey.
  2. Designated Varsity & Jr A players must remain outside team box during the JV and B games.

At Conclusion of Game(s) All Levels 1

  1. Visiting team will pick up their side of the field and not leave any trash.
  2.  Visiting team head coach should make sure all players are either back on bus and/or with parent/legal guardian.
  3.  winning team head coach is responsible for reporting scores and must do so by the Monday night after the game(s) have been played as prescribed by NJHFL by-laws.